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We are a small group of friends who each had our own skills in making assorted crafts and were looking for a way to market them. That was the initial beginning of the concept of TS Crafts Store. We all have a lot of pride about the items we make and you can find a wide array of quality handmade items in our store. We also sell a small amount of collectible items. Enjoy your visit through our store.  
TS Crafts Store ® W9821 State Hwy 29, Shawano, WI 54166

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We make a wide array of products including but not limited to: Native American Jewelry, Assorted Bead Work for all member of the family including your pets from horse items to collars for your dog or cat, clay pottery, ceramics, quilts, pillows, a lot embroidery work, many pet items and much more. All of our own products are homemade quality items. Many are also one of a kind items. There is also an assortment of collectible items for sale. The inventory will constantly change as more items are made or sold, so please stop in again.